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Sticker Information

Florida has issed out new style validation stickers for: Boats, Cars, Trailers & more ever since the year 2000. In the first few years of the new stickers issuance not many were issued out since many tag agencies did not have the new machines to make the stickers. In time more agencies received the equipment to eventually phase out the old style separate month year stickers. Serial numbers were not added till about 2002. Click Here to see a comprehensive guide to Florida stickers. This page is to help see the different parts of the new stickers as well as the different types. Additional supporting information from Buddy Harris and Karl Denhart.

See below for photos and information.

[ General Information | Sticker Classification Types | Passenger Sticker Labeled | Defaced Sticker Information ]

General Information

  1. Colors are black on yellow.
  2. The new style Florida stickers have a hologram (FL) which can be seen at an angle.
  3. Rental license plates can either say VDC or VEHICLE and under the classification are a series of numbers.
  4. On the bottom of the sticker on Mobile Homes & Real Property is the VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number)
  5. On the bottom of the sticker Vessels is the Florida number.
  6. On the bottom of the sticker Parking Placards is the owners drivers license number or permit number.
  7. Decal size is 1 3/16" X 1 1/2"
  8. Defaced stickers have no classification over the plate number.
  9. Stickers are reflectorized.

Sticker Classification Types

Click links for photos.
  • Dealer
  • HOV
  • Mobile Home
  • Parking Placard*
  • Real Property
  • Trailer
  • Truck/Tractor
  • Vehicle
  • Vessel*
  • VDC

    Passenger Sticker Labeled

    Sticker Image!

    Defaced Sticker Information

    Is it possible you've been a victim of fraud and deception without knowing it? It's now time to check your newly issued Florida specialty license plates for something missing. It has been confirmed that sellers (both ALPCA and non-ALPCA) are selling new Florida specialty license plates with defaced trailer plates posing as passenger plates. This bulletin is focused on exposing a defaced trailer sticker from a untampered passenger sticker.

    How are the vandals defacing the stickers? These sellers are using chemicals to rub the classification off of the validation sticker, leaving a blank where it should say the classification to which it is registered to, in most cases TRAILER plates posing as passenger plates or non-classified plates (which don't exist on current stickers). Sellers have been selling the defaced stickered plates as passenger plates or on an "As-Is" basis. A normal validation sticker should always have a classification above the tag number. It was confirmed by a tag agency supervisor that all stickers must have a classification and agencies around the state of Florida have never issued any current validation stickers without classification. Some of the known tags to be defaced are: End Breast Cancer, Protect Our Reefs, United We Stand, Protect Florida Whales, Golf Capital of The World & Red Cross plates.

    Below is a side by side comparison of what a defaced sticker would look like next to a nondefaced sticker.

    Defaced Stickers
    Click link above to enlarge.

    Real Defaced Examples

  • Defaced Sticker 1 **
  • Defaced Sticker 2 **
    * = Photo provided by Buddy Harris
    ** = Photo provided by Ken Stratton

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