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Florida Pl8s: Wanted

Below are pics of some of the plates I want. I am looking for EX - Mint Condition tags with stickers (if applicable). Due to the fact that there are so many graphic plates I want I am only able to show a few of the plates I need. I need many plates... I didn't have time to list them all, I need any plates I don't have in the specialty category. Next to the state or country will have more info provided. E-mail me for more info.

Click links below for photos.

Need any I don't have... Listed below are the ones I know I want:


  • Puerto Rico - New Cincuentenario Plate
  • Alabama - Save the Cahaba, Wildlife (Deer graphic), Support The Arts, State Theatre, Shakespeare Festival, Farming Feeds Alabama, Forever Wild, New Waterfall redesign, Turkey
  • Arizona - Environment (Old Style), Wildlife Conservation
  • Arkansas - Hummingbird, Bass, Education, Wild Turkey, Woodpecker, Trout, Duck
  • California - Firefighter, UCLA
  • Colorado - Wildlife, Agriculture, Respect Life
  • Connecticut - Greenways Environmental, United We Stand, Bobcat, Wild Eagle
  • District of Columbia - New General Issue (Website Address)
  • Florida - Click for list
  • Georgia - NEW Wildlife Graphic (Eagle, Deer & Hummingbird), Education, Animal Friendly, Breast cancer
  • Hawaii - Red Cross
  • Idaho - Winter Wonderland, World Famous Potatoes, Sawtooth Nat'l Recreation Area, Celebrate Youth, Lewis & Clark, Appaloosa, WIld Rivers
  • Illinois - America Remembers, Love Your Pet, Sporting Series (Deer, Turkey, Bass, Pheasant, Goose), Education
  • Indiana - Commited to Education (Garfield Graphic), Hoosier Safety,
  • Iowa - Education, Childrens Trust, Pheasant, Eagle
  • Kansas - Agriculture
  • Kentucky - Animal Friends
  • Louisiana - Our Environment Our Future, Save The Black Bear, Educator, Turkey, Helping Schools, Bring Back Bobwhite, Deer, Costal Conservation, Agriculture
  • Maine - Lobster Specialty
  • Maryland - Spay & Neuter Pets, State Parks, Humane Society, Salibury Zoo, Calvert Marine Museum, Organ Donor
  • Massachusetts - Cape Cod & Islands, Preserve The Trust (Any Graphic: Fish, Whale, Blackstone Valley), Childrens Trust, United We Stand
  • Michigan - Conserve Wildlife (Loon), Save Our Lights, Protecting Our Waters, Childrens Trust, Agriculture
  • Minnesota - Critical Habitat (With loon)
  • Mississippi - Conserving Wildlife (Turkey), I Care For Animals, Our Heritage,
  • Missouri - Conservation Heritage (Any Graphic), Helping Schools, Animal Friendly, Childrens Trust, Breast Cancer, Wilson Creek, Kids Helping Kids, Zoo plates
  • Montana - Open Lands, Glacier National Park, Lewis & Clark Bicentennial, Museum of the Rockies, Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, Yellowstone Park Foundation, Eagle Mount, Bird Habitat
  • Nevada - Agriculture, Las Vegas Springs, Rodeo, Train, Las Vegas Centennial, Organ Donor, Pyramid Lake, Support Wildlife, Mt Charleston
  • New Hampshire - Environmental Moose
  • New Jersey - Medowlands, Organ Donor, United We Stand, Healing Hearts
  • New Mexico - Childrens Trust, Share with Wildlife
  • New York - Drive for the Cure, State of the Arts, Empire State Flower, I LOVE NY, BMW Car Club of America
  • North Carolina - Lighthouse, Tabacco, Litter Prevention, Dolphins, Kids First, Sea Turtle, Coastal Federation, Appalachian Trail, Rocky Mountain Elk, Blue Ridge Pkwy
  • Ohio - Scenic Rivers, etc
  • Oklahoma - Agriculture, Wildlife Conservation (Bass, Deer, Quail), State Parks (Bridge & Golf), Urban Forestry
  • Oregon - Crater Lake, Cultural Trust
  • Pennsylvania - Conserve Wild Resources (River Otter), Preserve Our Heritage (Railroad), Flagship Niagra, Turkey Federation
  • South Carolina - Protect Endangered Species, United We Stand, In God We Trust, Wild Turkey, First In Golf, Share The Road, Service Above Self, In God We Trust,
  • Tennessee - State Parks (New Design), Volunteer for Wildlife (Turkey), Le Bonheur Childrens Medical Center, Rainbow, Bald Eagle
  • Texas - Big Bend Nat'l Park, Read to Succeed
  • Utah - Assuring Wildlife's Future (Blue Heron, Trout), Agriculture
  • Washington - Square Dancers, Orca whale, Lighthouse, National parks, Bald eagle, Black Bear, Deer, Elk, State Parks
  • West Virginia - Deer, United We stand
  • Wisconsin - Endangered Resources

  • Need Current Passengers with references to BMW (EG: Bimmer, 760, 325, 330, M3, Hot BMW, etc)

    USA Motorcyle

    (Need Current Plates)

  • District Of Columbia (Washington DC)
  • Michigan (Graphic Bridge Base)
  • North Dakota
  • Puerto Rico
  • Guam
  • American Samoa
  • US Virgin Islands

    Canada Passenger

  • Nunavut

    Canada Motorcycle

    (Need Current Plates)

  • Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut
  • Ontario
  • Saskatchewan
  • Prince Edward Island (Birthplace of Confederation)
  • Yukon


  • Baja California Sur
  • Nayarit (current)
  • Veracruz (current)

    The Americas (Central & South)

  • Belize
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Nicaragua
  • Bolivia
  • Colombia
  • Guiana/Guyane (F)
  • Guyana
  • Peru
  • Suriname
  • Venezuela


  • All new or current bases in the following countries: (Euro Band plates if applicable)
  • Alderney (GBA) With Flag or normal
  • Andorra (Orange & Gold Crest Reflective)
  • Belarus (Flag)
  • Finland (NEW EURO STYLE)
  • Hungary (NEW EURO STYLE)
  • Iceland (Flag)
  • Guernsey (GBG W/ Flag)
  • Liechtenstein (Newest current style)
  • Latvia (NEW EURO STYLE)
  • Monaco
  • Norway New letter style & (Euroband)
  • Ukraine (NEW STYLE)
  • San Marino
  • Slovakia (NEW EURO STYLE) Newer Euroband with Crest
  • Svalbard
  • Sweden (NEW EURO STYLE)


  • Australian Eurobands (Queensland, South Australia, Victoria Western Australia)
  • New Zealand (NEW EURO STYLE)

    Florida Pl8s
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